Streamlining BIM Clash Detection: A Brief Overview

Streamlining BIM Clash Detection: A Brief Overview

Detecting clashes is a pivotal step for teams to preemptively uncover and resolve potential design conflicts prior to construction commencement, effectively sidestepping issues and rework during the building phase.

Within this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of BIM clash detection, unveiling optimal strategies and prominent tools that can be harnessed to avert construction conflicts and elevate overall project excellence.

What is BIM Clash Detection?

BIM clash detection is a process that identifies and resolves conflicts among construction models in a virtual environment. These conflicts, known as “clashes,” occur when different design elements, such as structural components, HVAC systems, or electrical conduits, intersect or encroach on each other’s space.

During the design phase, various professionals create separate models. However, when these models come together, clashes can arise. BIM clash detection detects these clashes before construction, preventing costly changes later on. By identifying areas where design facets might intersect, giving rise to constructability challenges, BIM clash detection empowers teams to address these issues proactively before advancing to subsequent phases.

What is automatic clash detection? 

Automatic clash detection can be implemented using two approaches. The first method involves manual configuration of tests by a BIM specialist for each version, while the second method, which is more user-friendly, involves uploading models to a cloud-based repository for automated clash checks. This second method enables real-time access to clash results for both experts and non-experts, enhancing collaboration and decision-making.

What are the advantages of utilizing BIM clash detection?

Embracing the capabilities of BIM clash detection yields numerous benefits that have the potential to transform the management of your construction projects. Take into account the following aspects.

Enhanced Time and Cost Efficiency

Identifying and resolving clashes before on-site work begins saves time and money, preventing material wastage and rework. This confidence allows smooth progress into construction, reducing concerns about setbacks. BIM clash detection also eases last-minute changes, enabling focused efforts on positive project outcomes for clients and partners

Diminish Risks and Reduce Wastage

Clash detection improves productivity through efficient scheduling, reduced material waste, and better installations. Addressing challenges early gives project managers insights for timely completion and client satisfaction. Additionally, BIM clash detection minimizes material waste by optimizing planning and procurement.

Enhanced Collaboration

BIM clash detection enhances collaboration across different disciplines (architecture, engineering, etc.). Detected clashes promote collaboration among stakeholders for better coordination.

The Evolution of BIM Clash Detection

While BIM clash detection has transformed construction, there’s room for improvement, particularly in clash management. Current pre-coordination meetings often address minor issues. To enhance this, a hybrid approach involving continuous model coordination among teams is vital. This proactive method minimizes meeting time and optimizes efficiency, unlocking BIM’s full potential for project success.

Top Clash Detection Software

To enhance BIM clash management, leverage cloud-based clash detection software. These tools automate tasks, reduce setup time, and integrate with daily software. Here’s a look at top clash detection options for your construction projects.

Product Solution

Autodesk Navisworks Manage

Autodesk Navisworks Manage stands as a potent tool in the construction project coordination landscape. Armed with advanced clash detection features and quantification tools, Navisworks aids users in certifying model readiness for construction.

Navisworks offers 4D and 5D simulation for scheduling and budgeting, animating objects and creating schedules from models. It imports schedules and costs from other apps for seamless coordination. Beyond clashes, Navisworks facilitates resolution collaboration in a shared environment.

Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro

Utilize Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro to centralize teams and models effortlessly. This software facilitates seamless model uploading, clash detection, and real-time issue resolution for project members. Benefit from limitless project capacity and file storage, all while ensuring secure and convenient access to your information.

Furthermore, its mobile-friendly tools enable stakeholders to review models remotely, expediting decision-making timelines.

Navisworks + Autodesk BIM Collaborate = a match made in construction heaven

Navisworks and Autodesk BIM Collaborate combine for amplified impact. Benefit various teams and stakeholders across projects.

For BIM Managers, Navisworks’ Coordination Issue Add-In ensures easy tracking of issue status, responsibility, and resolution across multiple projects. Cloud-based file storage enables concurrent Navisworks file use, fostering real-time collaboration from clash detection to resolution.

For VDC teams, Autodesk BIM Collaborate allows selecting clash detection locations for specific projects or phases. It also offers the flexibility to deactivate clash detection in specific coordination spaces, providing quick access to detailed Navisworks files while keeping essential workflows like Issue Management and Model Aggregation online.

Additionally, custom views in Autodesk BIM Collaborate empower BIM Managers to tailor views for individual objects, disciplines, categories, or types across multiple models. This enhanced control furnishes VDC teams with the ability to provide vital construction data to field stakeholders and external companies.

In both Autodesk BIM Collaborate and Navisworks, clashes can be grouped for streamlined review and batch issue generation. These groupings serve as templates for similar clashes, enabling multi-error resolution concurrently.

Everything unfolds within the Autodesk platform, furnishing a single source of truth. This shared environment facilitates collaborative work, seamless communication, enhanced coordination, and efficient decision-making across the project lifecycle.

In conclusion, embracing BIM clash detection and the power of collaborative tools like Navisworks and Autodesk BIM Collaborate transforms construction workflows, promoting efficiency, collaboration, and informed decision-making across projects.

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