AutoCAD 2024 vs AutoCAD LT 2024: Save Time with Smarter Design

AutoCAD 2024 vs AutoCAD LT 2024: Save Time with Smarter Design

Throughout its evolution, AutoCAD® has undergone more than 40 iterations, each introducing enhanced sophistication and new features with every release. The software has two primary variants: AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. Both variants share common core features, but AutoCAD distinguishes itself with 2D and 3D drafting functionalities and automation capabilities, whereas AutoCAD LT provides a robust toolset specifically tailored for comprehensive 2D drafting.


Autodesk conducted a study examining the productivity and business distinctions between AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT across various tasks, including creating geometry, generating plans and elevations, extracting object data, and implementing and monitoring CAD standards. The findings revealed that, in the hands of an experienced AutoCAD user, AutoCAD enabled the creation of designs up to 3.9 times faster compared to AutoCAD LT.


How AutoCAD saves time

Parametric constraints

Time savings with AutoCAD up to 33%

AutoCAD provides comprehensive functionality for the creation, modification, and control of geometric and dimensional constraints, enhancing parametric constraint capabilities.


Plans and Elevations

Time savings with AutoCAD up to 46%

The 3D modeling features within AutoCAD facilitate effortless manipulation for the creation of 2D plan and elevation elements.


Isometric Drafting

Time savings with AutoCAD up to 61%

AutoCAD simplifies the process of observing 3D objects in isometric views, offering customizable visual styles to conceal hidden details.


Data Extraction

Time savings with AutoCAD up to 90%

AutoCAD offers the capability to automatically extract data and generate tables, whether within the drawing itself or in a Microsoft Excel® file.


CAD Standards

Time savings with AutoCAD up to 81%

AutoCAD offers CAD standard features along with a highly effective approach for verifying standards in both new and existing DWG files.


Text Editing (Express Tools)

Time savings with AutoCAD up to 80%

AutoCAD incorporates Express Tools, providing advanced workflows for the modification and manipulation of text.



Time savings with AutoCAD up to 50%

AutoLISP functionality is accessible in both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. Exclusive access to AutoLISP editors directly from AutoCAD streamlines the editing process, saving time for users.


Markup Import and Markup Assist

Time savings with AutoCAD up to 71%

Leveraging machine learning, AutoCAD can understand handwritten annotations and propose conversions to AutoCAD objects, resulting in time savings and error reduction.


Smart Blocks: Placement and Replacement

Time savings with AutoCAD up to 40% 

The Smart Blocks: Replacement tool in AutoCAD offers a user-friendly interface, allowing the simultaneous selection and replacement of multiple blocks with a chosen block in a single operation.


Application programming interface (API) and the app store

Time savings with AutoCAD up to 40%

AutoCAD provides an exclusive API, not found in AutoCAD LT, enabling users to automate tasks that are tedious and time-consuming. AutoCAD users can access the Autodesk App Store to purchase and download apps, as well as develop apps to enhance the experience for fellow AutoCAD users on their team.


In conclusion, AutoCAD stands as a powerful and dynamic design tool, continually evolving through numerous versions to meet the diverse needs of design professionals. The comparison with AutoCAD LT underscores its versatility, particularly in areas of drafting, automation, and overall efficiency gains. AutoCAD’s commitment to innovation, from machine learning to a dedicated API, ensures its place as a leading solution in the design landscape. For a deeper understanding of its capabilities and to unlock the full potential of AutoCAD, download brochure here.

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